Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paper Stars

I was just cruising through Erin Quinn's blog "lucky by design" (the title to which I totally agree, by the way) and saw that she was talking about her weekend craft project, so I thought I'd post pictures of my latest.

I've been making a mobile for a baby who is on his or her way. I am making it out of paper stars. When I was born, someone my mother knew made both myself and my older sister mobiles made out of ribbon fish - and I loved mine. I stared at it all the time from my bed. It offered comfort in familiarity and was just pretty. So I hope this little one feels the same way. I might not know this child as it grows up, but I hope he or she appreciates the beauty in this craft.

I bought a fabulous package of multi-coloured cover stock at Michaels for this project. These lovely little stars are called Froebel stars - they were designed by a mathematician back in the 1800s (I believe) to help educate children.

Instructions for making the stars can be found at:

I learned how to do them from instructions sent to me by a woman I met on a plane. I was very sick at the time, and when I saw her making the stars, it made me remenisce - my mother had made stars like this for our christmas tree. She mailed me a box of the stars and instructions so I could make my own. I have no idea what her name was - but I think she was from Nebraska. And I've made hundreds of stars since.
You can make them out of ribbon, but I prefer paper. I use old calendars to make them sometimes, but this project needed bright, uniform colours.

I'm not finished yet, but here's what I have done so far (these are actually hanging on strings, but the picture is sideways). I'll post a picture of the final product as soon as it's done.

By the way, if you're reading this post, can you please leave a comment. I feel like I'm writing to the ether. Thanks.


  1. I'm reading!

    And then YOU taught my Mom, and then SHE made billions and billions of stars!

    The weekend seems like the only time now that I really can sit down and create. School makes my brain tired!

  2. Thanks, Erin. Glad to know someone is reading. Did your mom talk to you about next weekend??

  3. Gorgeous! I'm going to learn how to make these stars, too...thanks, Sandi! :)


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