Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another aspect of treatment for depression

I caught a little bit of a documentary today on Hulk Hogan and what he went through in life. And while watching it, I came to the realization that there is another aspect to treating depression that is probably just as vital as nutrition, exercise or medication. A few years ago I wouldn't have acknowledged it because I just wasn't there yet, but spirituality (in whatever form you choose to practice it) can be very uplifting.

Even if I just read a "self-help" book, I feel like I'm doing something to take me in a good direction. If you just feel like there is nothing else in this world except the physical, then depression really can kill you. I really NEED for there to be a spritual side to things. Even if it doesn't exist - even if it's all in my mind, I need it there. But I've gotten past that. I'm quite sure now that it's real.

An acquaintance on mine on Facebook expressed her disdain for life the other day - said she didn't really see life as being good or bad and really didn't know why she was here. I found that so sad, because even in life's ups and downs, I always enjoy the living of it. There is so much exciting stuff to experience in life - and I've always had a thirst for living. And I can't help but think that if she found the mystical side of life, maybe it would help her get more out of life. Or maybe that was just me.

Because of how I've been feeling lately (not my best since writing about depression - but there are other factors as well) I've dusted off some of my favourite "mystical" self-help books and have been perusing them again. The two that I've been scanning are by a woman named Shakti Gawain - one is "Creative Visualization" and the other is "Living in the Light". I bought the latter when I lived in Vancouver and it is well-used. I was going to write a quote from it, but I'm out of town and didn't bring it with me, so you'll have to wait. But if the person I was writing about is reading this and is willing, I encourage you to get the book and read it. It may totally not be your thing, but if it is, it might lead you in a direction that helps you find a purpose again.

After my son was born, I had a huge mortality crisis. I was stressed about dying - I think a lot of people go through this with childbirth - and started to stress about what happens after you die. For this, a show called "Most Haunted" helped me. As did books by Elisabeth Kubler Ross. And I now watch "Paranormal State" regularly, and have borrowed several seasons of "Ghost Hunters" from the library. The evidence is out there that something happens after we die. I'm still not sure what, but I've become pretty convinced that we don't just turn to dust.

Well ... that was a rather disjointed post. Sorry about that. I just felt I needed to write something and that's where it went.

After the huge interest I had in the depression posts, I'm finding it hard to take on another topic that will be so well-received. Any suggestions?

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