Friday, November 5, 2010

I heard a troublesome thing

The other day a woman said the most troublesome thing to me. She said that she had a chronic sinus problem and that she had just stopped listening to her body because there was always something wrong.

She is a really wonderful person, very outgoing and cheerful. And I just found it sad that she would not listen to her body when it was in trouble.

So sad ... and then I went to the chiropractor. I haven't been in about 4 years. The chiropractor I went to here kind-of grossed me out. He had really bad hair. But that wasn't why I stopped going to him - it was part of it, but mostly he used these REALLY HOT heating pads before an adjustment. He'd put them on my back and then leave for, like, 10 minutes. And I'd feel like I was going to die by the time he got back. So I just stopped going. And I had no major trauma and thought my back was doing okay.

I did yoga regularly and Noel can adjust part of my back, so I thought I was covered. But my massage therapist mentioned that my neck was out, and I could feel what she meant, so I waited about 9 months and then decided to go get it checked out - by the way, I also had hip pain for that whole 9 months, but I just thought it was bursitis - which it was, partly, but also partly a back way out of whack.

So ... to another chiropractor (a woman, by the way - and she seems great - and nothing wrong with her hair :) ). After having most parts of my back adjusted, and spending a few days walking around, I now realize that I, too, wasn't listening to my body. I had adapted to the pain that I was having (it wasn't serious) and just had put up with it without really noticing it. I find now that if I sling a bag over my shoulder I wait for the pain (which is no longer there). Same when I'm just walking down the street - the pain I expect (without even knowing I was feeling it) isn't there.

So how observant of me to be shocked to hear that someone doesn't listen to her body anymore?? And then to realize that she was a mirror for me. An aid to understanding that I was doing the same thing.

We get hints like this every day - people mirroring what we need to learn. Do YOU listen? Sometimes I clue in. Sometimes I don't. And once in a while I notice something I think is shocking and then find out that I too am doing it.

Eating crow? A little!


  1. At least you realized it quickly! Glad you are feeling better. Let your friend know that I had chronic sinus problems and that it took a year of chiro, naturopath, diet and yoga and I finally have it under control. Sometimes our bodies work slower than we want them too.

  2. It takes a long time for certain conditions to develop - and sometimes much longer for us to realize it. No wonder it takes time to correct the problem. I'm going to try no wheat for the next few days and see if I can measure any improvement in my sinuses. I'll let you know!

  3. Great perspective, Sandi - I really enjoyed reading this. It is so true, and I am taking your words as a reminder to myself.


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