Monday, November 1, 2010

sugar highs ... and lows

Most of the people reading this blog know me ... or knew me back in the day. So most of you know that I have to manage my moods. In other words, I have a mood disorder - I get easily depressed and/or anxious. For those of you who didn't know, it explains some things, no?

I'm planning on writing a longer blog detailing a few things about my journey through depression and anxiety (if you're at all interested) because I have some young friends with the same problem and I think, perhaps, I could share some of my experiences and help them. But the following is a small part of the story.

Last summer I was doing a lot of reading about the treatment of our food-animals and decided I'd rather be vegetarian, or at least try to eat less meat. In doing so, I reduced the amount of protein I was eating and increased the carbs. Because of inherrited blood-sugar problems, this created a problem with sugar highs and lows that was unacceptable (eating breakfast and 2 hours later feeling sweaty and shaky and needing to eat again). So I returned to eating flesh and completely cut out the sugar in my diet. Extreme, perhaps, but it solved the problem. (I understand that I could probably be vegetarian if I researched better protein sources, and someday I might - I'm just not motivated to do that at this point in time).

Well, in the process of balancing my blood sugar, my moods also balanced out. I went from having to take my "little pills" 2 to 3 times a week, to not needing to take them at all. In short, I was fine. Even when stressed. Which is completely unheard of.

And then came Halloween (yesterday, to be precise). I had a day free to do some baking, so Noel requested cinnamon buns which I made and ate a couple of (and they were damned good, might I add). After those, I figured it was too late anyhow, so had some Halloween candy, too.

It literally took about 2 hours for my mood to start to slip, and when I woke up this morning I felt completely defeated. I was sad and didn't want to deal with anything. I skipped yoga, but went to work (which was okay, but still not terrific). In short, I felt like crap (and my digestion wasn't right, either). I took a pill and now feel pretty numb.

So, to make a long story just a little bit longer, it is totally NOT worth eating sweets when it makes one feel this way. I have friends who try to talk me into eating sugar, or feel sorry for me because I can't have the things they are enjoying so much, but it's okay. I'd rather be happy. I don't know if staying away from sugar would help most people with mood issues, but it certainly helps me.

I'll let you know if I feel better in a couple of days after this binge wears off. (Okay, we're talking 1 1/2 cinnamon buns and about 5 halloween chocolate bars - not that much, really - not what most would call a binge, but when your system isn't used to it, it's a shocker, apparently). Until then, I hope the rest of you aren't feeling like this. And I really hope you had a fun Halloween, whatever you were doing.

P.S. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. Just learn that nutrition can have a real impact on many aspects of one's life. ... Oh! and, if I'm acting weird when I'm around you, I really DO have a reason.


  1. Love this, Sandi, and greatly admire your openness with this issue that is so common.

  2. Liz here (it's going to say I'm anonymous, again, most likely... haha)

    Seriously, I do wish we lived closer... we could help each other and "egg each other on" when we are tempted to eat that sugar! I've been catching up on your recent posts and recognize myself so much... yes, I have that sugar trouble too; I woke up this morning wondering how on earth I am going to get away from sugar... especially with Morgan's 16th birthday on Tuesday!... I feel fuzzy-headed and fuzzy tongued and just a general feeling of "malaise" from too much sugar, recently. I've had sleepless nights from my brain refusing to shut down it's monologue of "you're worthless, you can't do anything right..." and on and on. And I can't seem to put together a coherent thought, and forget things from one second to the next. Yep. I too need to get rid of the carbs, yeasts and sugars. And I too *definitely* feel 100% better when I am eating properly! The stress goes away, the anxiety goes away, the fuzzy-mindedness goes away, and all those multiple aches and pains go away. With the added bonus that I lose weight overnight. So why do I keep on eating crap? That will always be the question. Here's to us! lol


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