Friday, January 14, 2011

Addicted to TV - and the Internet

Revelation:  I'm addicted to TV and the Internet.

We have so much snow that the satellite dish is covered and we can't get a TV signal.  And I feel like my right arm has been cut off.  I feel isolated from the rest of the world and like I have an automatic void in my day - as if the world itself has slowed on it's axis and I'm about to fall off ... What the hell is this??

Let's face it.  With the exception of one summer in a tent in Bella Coola, I've pretty much had a TV on every day of my life.  And that summer taught me something - I CAN live without TV.  And maybe I should.  Do I really need The View and Oprah.  I think we all know the answer to that is a resounding "No!".  And maybe I'd get more done in a day if I was not distracted by shows like "Hoarders" and "Til Debt Do Us Part".  God knows I don't really need to catch every repeat of "Big Bang Theory" or "M.A.S.H." (I actually saw one I didn't remember the other day).  I have way too much stuff to do to be so distracted by the TV - but I still am.  And today without the TV I'm still watching DVDs and catching the CTV news updates online.

I've considered this before, and I'll say it here now:  are some of the problems we have in the world (like anxiety, ADHD, depression, overeating) made worse by the constant input of information from the television set?  I wonder if a study has ever been done?

Anyhow, wish me luck with the DTs today.  I have enough DVDs to watch that it probably won't be too bad.  A week without TV would probably get me over this addiction, but I'm not sure I want to go through that.

Again ... La Nina, thou art a harsh, snowy mistress.


  1. The answer to your question is: YES!!! I never had ADD, depression, overeating, until we got so dependent on the computer in our home... and we watch far too many DVD's, although we don't have cable/satellite or even peasant vision. Now, I find it hard to even sit for 5 minutes reading a good book, without jumping up to check this or that on the computer, or to wander aimlessly through the house thinking "I need to be doing something; I can't just sit here...". (I do still force myself... and IF I can manage to sit for those first 5 minutes, I usually manage to sit for a couple of hours, which is way too long, reading...) But it still follows that I am so distracted that I find it very difficult to settle down to one task and get it done without bouncing up to do a second, third and sometimes even a fourth task. It's the need for "busyness" that the electronic world has given us. It has taken away the peace of a good book. The silence of the world passing by in the wind or a birdsong. We're so obsessed with "finding out what's going on" that we've forgotten how to relax.

    Hmm... yes, and here I am, sitting at the computer... I'm going to go eat my lunch (a bowl of soup) and listen to the silence! And maybe it's time to institute another "electronics free" day at our house... hmm....

  2. Oops, sorry; that was Liz writing that comment above... lol


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