Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kids ... are kids

Today, being Saturday, I did my almost-weekly trip to the Pine Haven Hutterite Colony.  I go out almost every week to pick up meat and eggs.  I wish they sold dairy as well, but apparently the red tape is a little too thick to sell milk and milk products to the public, so they save that for themselves.

Well, I drove out there on this BEAUTIFUL Saturday afternoon trying to dodge the dragonflies which, along with the mosquitoes, have had a banner year this year.  It is impossible right now to miss them.  They are everywhere.  Yesterday afternoon we had a bit of a squall blow up and as it did, the dragonflies landed on my back walk like so many helicopters setting down on an airstrip.  I counted 40 of them.  Small, golden ones.  One day I thought a dragonfly had died on our screen window because it stayed there for over 12 hours.  But eventually it flew away - happened again the next day with a different one.  I've saved a couple from the cat, but have lost far more than that to her violent ways (saved a mouse from her clutches last night, though).

Anyhow ... the Hutterite colony.  I am now "the basket woman" at the egg building.  Sarah, the egg lady, loves to point my basket out to anyone who is there - customer, child, fellow worker.  I am obviously the only one who brings a basket to collect eggs in.  I'm happy to have that distinction.

I picked up ham and bacon for us and for our friends across the road, and then I headed out.  As I was leaving, I was watching a bunch of the girls jump on their trampoline (they are not so different from us).  It was quite funny, seeing these girls in their long dresses and black head scarves, jumping away on the trampoline - but that was not all, one after another, the girls would jump a couple of times, get enough height, and land on the roof of the shed adjacent to the trampoline.  It really made me smile.  Those dresses don't stop them from being just as rough and tumble as the boys.  As I drove by, one of the girls waved, so I waved back - then they all waved me goodbye as I drove away.

We are not so different - our different cultural groups.  Dress and language doesn't separate us that much.  I like the Hutterites.  I think they live like we all should - maybe not the communal aspect of it, but their lifestyle is sustainable.  And they still know how to have fun.  How to laugh.  And how to jump onto the roof of the shed from the trampoline!

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