Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitchen renos

The 100+ year old house we currently live in is the first one that either myself or my husband has owned.  And the only renovation we've done since we moved in here was to tear down a sub-standard addition that the previous owner threw onto the back of her to try and sell the house ... Until now.

Day before yesterday (was it only then?) we began the task of taking out the kitchen floor.  We are putting tile in to replace the crappy old lino that was on there.  The last person to put flooring in put linoleum in around the island (which was only screwed to the wall and floor with brackets so I can't for the life of me figure out why they didn't put the linoleum under it, too, but that's another story).  And someone, somewhere along the line nailed it down where it was curling up around the edges.  I couldn't ever get it clean anymore and it was scratched and worn.

Well, my father-in-law has put porcelain tile in many rooms in his house and kindly offered to show us how to do the kitchen, so he's coming tonight and will spend the weekend with us as we do the floor. 

I'll keep you posted on progress, but I thought I'd show you some "before" and "during" photos.  I actually started finding a really nice hardwood floor under the lino, and was bemoaning the fact that we had already ordered the tile - thinking it would be nice to have hardwood throughout ... and then I went further in.

my busy kitchen - it's small

the ugly old lino

The nice hardwood that I found

And then there was this - not salvageable - and nailed down everywhere.

And under the hardwood floor - another floor - this one fir.  Probably the original.  Now if it would only tell us when it was laid down ...

We know our house is over 100 years old.  It is present on 1906 maps.  But we don't know how much older than 1906 that it is. 

Today it's a trip to the dump, the co-op to pick up supplies and leveling out the low and high patches in the floor.  Fun stuff.  Wonder if I can cook dinner tonight ...

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