Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie Review

My blog ... not normally a movie critic's venue.  But last night I watched a movie and I just had to promote it.  It's a Canadian-made movie called "At Home By Myself ... With You", and it was charming.

It's about Romy, an agorophobic 30-year-old who hasn't left her apartment in 6 years.  Now, it sounds like it could be depressing, but it's not.  It's funny and charming and hopeful.

I borrowed it through interlibrary loan, so if you live in Alberta, you can probably borrow it.  If you don't live here, try your local library and see if you can get it.  Otherwise, it can be found at Amazon.ca.

Here's the website for the movie:


I think what I like about it the most is that the people in Romy's life don't judge her for her emotional baggage.  They love her.  Romy is perfectly normal - aside from not being able to leave her apartment.

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