Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sandi and Daniel's Big Adventure - Part Three

So at Karl's ranch - also known as Bear Cat Ranch - Daniel and I had a wonderful visit.  Karl has two step-daughters (the girls in the picture on the last posting) and they took Daniel away to play just as soon as we got there.  I saw him for meals.  They played games, watched a movie and had an epic water fight.  Not to mention that Daniel helped with chores (!).

These photos are just a taste of why I love Bear Cat Ranch:


After the ranch, we headed to Vernon to find Daniel a camera.  He is absolutely THRILLED with his camera and I promised I would post some pictures for him when I can (this computer won't read his card).

Had a lovely party for my mother - her 70th birthday.  We had 16 for Chinese food and then back to their place for a DQ ice cream cake.  We had friends and family there, and it was really very nice. 

Then yesterday, Daniel and I hung out with the 'rents.  Didn't do too much - went into Vernon to Davison's Orchard, took a drive through the old neighbourhood, and watched "Marmaduke" on DVD.  Then spent about an hour at the park with Daniel playing. 

Today we plan on heading to a beach and then to Kelowna to buy wine and visit some other friends.  Ah ... the road trip.  Lots of driving, but lots of friends, visits, some reminiscing and a little shopping.  What could be better?  And it's supposed to hit about 33C today.  So when I get home I can appreciate the slightly cooler summer weather.

Onwards!  Talk to you all soon!

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