Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strawberry Fields

There are wonderful benefits to living in a rural area.  One of those benefits is local food.  On Monday our family (all three of us) went to Lizzees Berries on Wizard Lake.  Three buckets of Saskatoons later, we headed home.  Those Saskatoons will be used for the occassional pie (one of which I plan on baking today), cobbler and smoothies.  They might also end up in jam.  But for now they are cleaned and in bags in the freezer.

Yesterday, Whiny McWhinerson and I went to Steven's Strawberries to pick the larger berries.  I love my son, but yesterday he just wasn't into picking strawberries.  We got most of 2 buckets picked before heading home.  We will make another trip out there sometime before the season ends.  Steven's is great.  They aren't organic, but they don't spray, so they are close.

Whiny - heading out with his almost-full bucket.

Yum ... strawberries.

The annual treat - chocolate covered strawberries.  Now a ritual in our house on the first day of strawberry-picking.

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