Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  Nothing serious, just a couple of questions to ask the Dr.  But while I was there, I got the bestest feedback ... ever.

My doctor happens to also be the mother of one of the students in Daniel's class.  The daughter was in the class when I did my environmental talk and when I brought them to our house to see the environmental stuff we do at home (which, after seeing what other people do and don't do, is actually quite a lot).

Anyhow, during our discussion in her office, my doctor told me that in her daughter's eyes, SHE was never going to be able to live up to ME.  Her daughter was apparently greatly affected by the talks I gave to the class.  Once home, the daughter demanded to know why she had a plastic toothbrush and why they didn't recycle (after which the doc took her daughter to the garage to show her all of their recycling containers). 

I was very happy to learn that I had influenced this child - and I know I influenced others because Daniel is now the environmental expert in the class and I rarely show up at school without getting one or two questions or comments thrown my way.  The group hug after their visit to our house didn't hurt, either.

If I did nothing else, I started a conversation between daughter and mother and got the daughter to know that they were doing SOMETHING.

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  1. There's nothing like unexpected affirmation to remind you of the importance of the message you're sending (and living!)

    You should be proud of what you're showing're making a difference!


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