Friday, August 12, 2011

52 Small Steps - Week 4

Here we are on week 4.  How have the first 3 weeks gone?  Have I influenced anyone to change a habit?  If I have ... great!!  If not ... I'll keep trying.

This week's small step:  Don't use plastic wrap!  I bring this one up because I found something wrapped in it in our fridge the other day.  I never use it anymore, but on occasion my husband still does - and it bugs me.  But I suppose that we still have a roll in the cupboard and he's either going to use it or it's going to go to the landfill without being used.  So better to occasionally use it before it ends up there ... I guess.

Food storage is a tricky one - and will likely pop up in another week's entry - but we need to move away from plastic.  A LOT of our food storage is in plastic.  And researchers are now finding that the plastic gets into our food and our bodies.  They end up being endocrine disruptors - but the big thing is that we don't know what a lot of plastics do in the long term.  Never in human history have we been so surrounded by plastics.  And if you look at all the health problems that have been increasing since the 1970s, you can guess that some of it has to do with plastics.  Check here for more information on plastic health hazards.

A new saying that I really like:  "If the food's in plastic, the plastic's in you".

For anyone living in the Wetaskiwin area, we are hosting a screening of "Bag It" - a documentary about plastics and plastic bags.  It is going to be on September 19 at 7:00pm.  Let me know if you want to come and I'll get you tickets.  I'll do a longer blog about it very soon.

If you no longer use plastic wrap want a great documentary to watch, see Natural World:  A Farm for the Future by Rebecca Hosking.  I just watched it and she basically sees the same things coming that I do.  Even if you are doing the plastic wrap challenge, please take 48 minutes to watch the documentary.  it's great.

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