Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cabbage worms!

If you read my "garden" posts, you'll get the impression that gardening is a constant battle against disease and pests.  And, indeed, it is.  But it's a worthwhile battle.  Lately I've been losing to the cabbage worms. 

I have done a good job of picking them off the cabbages, and so will have at least 3 purple cabbages to harvest this year (planted about 15, but that's another story!).  However, yesterday I had to sacrifice the broccoli and today I'm seeing that my kale has been eaten before I'm getting to it.  Not so bad with the kale, I can just pick off the worms, but with the broccoli, they get into the heads, and there were too many to pick off - they are also pretty much embedded in the heads and you can't get them all out.

Cabbage moth

Another cabbage moth - pretty, aren't they?  I used to think so.

Here's what the worms are doing to my kale.

and here.

But here's a cabbage - easier to pick them off than kale or broccoli.

And here are the damned worms I picked off the kale today. 

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