Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Late Summer Garden

My friend, Laura, called the other day to exclaim about how many tomatoes she had on her bushes (I'm so happy for her).  They'd been hiding under all the folliage and she hadn't checked until recently - now she had A LOT of tomatoes and wasn't sure what to do with them.  The short answer is that they are fine until it frosts.  Every year I start to keep track of when frost is expected - is my best friend where frost is concerned.  For the first couple of nights where it is threatening to get to 0C, I might cover everything, but if there's to be a good one, my husband and I are to be found, in the dark, picking all the green tomatoes and taking them to the basement.  They can be laid, not touching, on newspaper in a cool spot.  I'm not sure why it's a cool spot (Laura asked me if it had to be).  Perhaps to keep them from rotting instead of ripening?  Or to keep them from all ripening at once (if you're canning, you probably want that).  Don't know, but we always put them in the basement - and then they will ripen in their own sweet time.  No different from what happens to the tomatoes you buy at the grocery store - except they are exposed to chemicals to get them to ripen faster.  And they don't taste nearly as good.

Anyhow, the garden is coming to a close.  After three (very) short months, it's time to close up shop and pack it in for another season.  Other things will now take priority (like work and writing), and I will have to finish putting things away for the winter.  Celery, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage (what survived the worms) and squash mostly.  The peas are done.  A few pods the other day were the stragglers.  Anything left on the vines now will be seed for next year.  The onions are all braided and ready to go to the basement.  It's done.  It's the turning of another season.  The circular round that is our life on this little blue planet ... continues. 

So here's what is left out there:

Tomatoes (hope they don't melt with blight like last year's)



Spaghetti Squash (throwing out the ones still in basement from last year!)

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  1. Thanks for the gardening tips! I'm very jealous of your garlic. Tried to grow this year and failed. Always next year...


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