Thursday, August 4, 2011


Let the true pea harvest begin!

I've been picking a few peas here and there from the row that I planted early this year.  They have been my snacks, my breakfast, and I've given a few to my son ... just a few.  I know I should give him more, but I love peas.  I am a pea hoarder.

Probably 90% of the reason I have a garden at all is for the fresh peas.  I can, literally, eat an ice cream bucket full of the things for breakfast (although I try not to because it really reduces the number I can freeze).  The first couple of years I had a garden I didn't plant nearly enough.  I wanted enough to be able to pig out on them and also freeze some for winter.  I learned that I had to plant a whole lot more.  So I did, and last year I had enough to freeze and eat. 

The peas that I planted after the fear of frost this year are now coming into their own.  After picking a pail full this morning, you wouldn't even know it.

Mmmmm ..... peas!

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