Sunday, September 18, 2011

52 Small Steps - week 9

I'm slipping.  I intended to have these posts written every Friday ... and here it is Sunday.

Oh well ... onwards.

Have you ever considered your shaving routine (men and women - we all shave)?  What does it include?  Well, for most people it includes some sort of lubricant and a razor.  My husband decided a few years ago to switch from his standard razor (the kind with the disposable blades in a plastic cartridge) to an electric razor.  I'm really not sure which is better or worse for the environment.  You have to buy a lot of disposable blades to make up for the plastic in the electric razor, and an electric DOES use (obviously) electricity.  I'm sure one is as bad as the other.  But if you use an electric razor, you don't use shaving cream - so all those cans of chemicals aren't coming through your carbon footprint. 

Let me just mention here something that probably doesn't need to be said - disposable razors, the kind that have the handle and everything made of cheap, throwaway plastic, are just as bad as plastic utensils, styrofoam and straws.  You use them a couple of times and then turf all that plastic. 

The idea shaving kit, from an environmental perspective, would probably be the straight razor - you know the big long blade and leather strop that the barber used to use back in the old west?  One blade, one strop and some soap, and that was it ... for life.  But we'd likely have a lot more bleeding to contend with, so the next best for the environment and us is the safety razor.  The all-metal, one-bladed razor with the blades that were rumoured to lace those horrible apples we were threatened with at Halloween.

But to find a safety razor nowadays is difficult - not impossible, but difficult.  When I went to the drugstore to see if they even carried the blades, the 20-something woman there didn't even know what I was talking about!!

So take a look here:

For about the cost of 15 Mach3 blades, you can buy a razor and 5 blades.  Just think of it - a 10-pack of blades for less than $7!!  Think how much money you could save!

I have yet to buy myself one, but I think that will be the next environmental step for me.  I'm tired of throwing out so many blades.  And I don't relish the thought of using an electric (and don't think that's an improvment anyhow).

And as far as shaving cream goes - well, I just use soap, but it you want foam, buy a brush - it works great, there's little to no packaging, and you can use regular soap or find one specifically for shaving.  It's all good and produces far less waste.

New book this week:  No Impact Man - by Colin Beavan.  There is also a documentary by the same name.  A New York City family who choose to live with as little carbon footprint as possible.  Can it really be done in New York?

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