Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Great Compost Health Experiment - Part 2

Three days ago, I wrote a post about the deplorable condition of my compost bins and how disgusting it was to deal with - the results of not taking care of my compost this summer.

Well, yesterday, with a beautiful fall day where I was most comfortable in shorts and a tank top (!), I got back to the garden and the fall maintenance that is required.  I had one bin of compost that was ready (I hope) to go into the garden, so I shovelled it out and wheel-barrowed it to the cleaned out parts of my garden.  Now there is an empty bin ready to accept garden waste and leaves for the winter.

I also checked the bin to which I had tranfered all the smelly, maggot-infested compost the other day.  And guess what?  Steam!!  The compost is doing what compost does best - composting!  It's working, it's heating up, which compost should do, and rotting away nicely.  It still smells, and there are flies and a couple of wasps (do they have mating pairs, because there are only two of them), and they made it less than fun emptying out the other bin, but at least there is progress - and so quickly.  Nature is grand, isn't she?

And here are some of the gigantic squashes I pulled from the garden this year.  Don't tell me the compost doesn't work:

Big-Ass Zucchini

Decent-sized pumpkins

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