Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm frustrated - several things have combined to make me antsy tonight.  Not the least of which is watching documentaries about 9/11 - great films.  Rather depressing.  And I had sugar for dessert - something I really try not to do because it makes me tense.  Everything everyone says is starting to piss me off.  And then I think:  "It was cold today, I'd better check the weather".  8:15.  I want to get on my exercise bike and ride this tension away.  That's all I want to do.

Possible frost - low of 0C


This night comes every year - sometimes more than once.  I have to go out and start taking in the green tomatoes.  In the very dark twilight.  I slice my thumb open on the sheers.  When I come in to get a bandaid, my husband suggests covering them after I've taken about half the plants down.  He's right.  They'll be fine covered up.  So we do that. 

And as I'm out there, making sure all the important plants are tucked in safe and sound for the night, I hear this noise.  It's funny.  Not quite like geese - or sqeaking hinges.  Kinda like a cross between the two.  And as I look up and strain my eyes against darkness, I can just make out a couple of flocks of some sort of migratory water bird flying in a V formation.  Could it be my American Coot saying goodbye?  I'd like to think it is.

Suddenly a huge piece of the tension melts away. 

This is all just part of the seasonal round.  Part of life when you produce even a little bit of your own food.  You must go with the flow of nature.  You don't get to plan when things are ripe or need to be harvested.  In my kitchen right now is a laundry basket full of tomatoes, a rubbermaid container full of apples (plus a box), 7 jars of tomatoes, several zucchinis and some spaghetti squash.   Oh!  And a pail of pin cherries.  All awaiting attention from either me or my husband (he's doing the apples - with the hopes of a pie, I think). 

All the plans I had for the next few days are probably out the window.  A good chunk of my time will need to go to getting food ready to store.  And that's as it should be.  Our culture has lost that.  Instead of marking this most important time of the year with canning, drying and freezing, we mark it with back to school shopping.  What have we lost? 

It's 9:00 p.m.  Right now I'm going to rinse the tomatoes with bleach (a hold-over of the fear from last year's blight fiasco).  Then I'm going to leave the rest until morning.

I doubt I'll get to the bike, but I might.  I still need it.  Just not as badly as I did.

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