Thursday, October 6, 2011

52 Small Steps - week 12

It's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend.  Because of that, I won't have regular access to the Internet, so I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts today for my weekly column.

I have to confess to something.  I bought Jell-O Pudding cups today.  I'm a little embarassed by that.  I normally do not buy single serving treats in plastic containers.  It goes against pretty much all that I believe in and preach.  But there are extenuating circumstances.  For one, I've been working so much the past couple of weeks I didn't have a chance to make our own pudding.  Not that we need pudding, but that's where the other extenuating circumstance comes in ...

A few times a year, my son's school has a special lunch day where they get pizza or hamburgers or hot dogs.  It's a big deal to him.  It's special and a change and he loves it.  Well this week is pizza day, so we ordered him pizza and pudding and he was really looking forward to it.  And then the neurons connected and we realized that we had ordered a special meal for the day he is not going to be at school - we're going to visit my parents for the weekend and we're leaving Thursday - meaning that he is missing the Friday pizza day.

Now, we have a very sensitive little boy who cries very easily, and he was seriously disappointed at missing pizza - but we can find pizza somewhere along the line on our trip (tonight at Boston Pizza with friends in Calgary, I'm thinking) - but we NEVER get pudding cups (because, as mentioned, it goes against what I believe in and preach).  But, for the sake of spoiling my son, I caved today.  The only way I would do it, however, was if the cups were recyclable.  And they were.

Now, if you read my posts very often, I don't believe that plastics recyling is the solution to anything, plastics are hard to recycle and just get downcycled into other plastics that end up in the environment - but for the very occasional treat, I'll make a rare exeception.

So here's the small step this week - spurred on my guilt at buying 4 pudding cups in a year.   If you buy single-serving food in plastic containers ... stop doing that!  Hypocritical as it may sound considering my actions of today, if you buy  them regularly, you are really adding to the problem.  Buy large containers of yogurt, or boxes of instant pudding and put them in your own small containers.  I know it's impossible to get away from plastic containers (yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream all come in them) but at least we can buy the larger ones and have less packaging with larger amounts of product.

It will be a long time before I buy pudding in individual cups again.  And we don't buy jell-o or fruit coctail or yogurt in them either.  I also don't buy granola bars, fruit roll-ups or other single-serving snacks (that all come wrappe din plastic) for Daniel's lunch.  I make my own cookies and granola bars, I cut up fruit, and I put whole wheat goldfish crackers in his lunch (the latter I'd rather not do because of the packaging, but at least it isn't plastic).  But I don't buy overpackaged boxes of small packages of treats.  I just don't do it.  Consider how much waste that creates.  It's a lot.

If you missed last week's post, you'll find it here.

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