Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beth Terry

Beth Terry is a plastics-free-life live-er and crusader.  She is currently in the process of getting her book published and has become an Internet sensation in the field of plastic-free living.

She wrote a really great post today, and I encourage you to visit her site and read it:

I'm again reminded that the small bit I do does make a difference - if only a small one.  But it takes small starts to get the snowball building, right?

Oh ... did I mention that Patricia MacQuarrie - one of our town's esteemed aldermen and also the author of this book - put a motion to council last week to have the administration look into what it would take to go plastic free in our town?  (No, I didn't mention it ... but now I have).  I was invited to come since I was so involved in the "Bag It" night.  I'm so pleased to be part of this process. 

All but one of our councillors agreed to it.

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