Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just how bad is the plastics problem?

Please watch this clip.  We REALLY need to stop using plastics the way we do.  And by WE, I mean ALL OF US (myself included).  I still buy things that come in non-recylable plastic - I try not to, and I am aware and feel guilty, but I still do it. 

I was talking to a couple of very well educated, lovely ladies yesterday, and they admit they still buy ziploc bags.  I try not to, but when it comes time to freeze berries, if I'm out of used ones, I will go buy a box.  It would be better (plastic-wise) to can the berries, I guess.  Or figure out a non-new-plastic way to freeze them.  Maybe in jars.  Or used plastic containers (we get A LOT of yogurt containers - start saving yours for a few weeks and see how many you collect).  There are always different ways to do things, but sometimes each and every one of us can be lazy or think we are too busy.

Anyhow, watch the clip.  And maybe read the book - I've ordered it from the library.

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