Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Murder!!

Sad pumpkin turned into canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie.  Yum!  I thought this was a funny picture.

The other day Noel came home with a pressure canner (after I told him I wanted one and we scoped one out).  Why would I want a pressure canner??  Well, for one thing, our freezer is packed full.  I don't think we can fit anything else in there.  Normally I cook, puree and freeze the pumpkin, and it works great.  But not if the freezer is full. 

And you can't can pumpkin in a normal hot water bath canner.  It is a low-acid food and needs to be pressure canned - as do most low-acid vegetables and meat.

But here's what is in the back of my mind (well, actually it's in the front of my mind right now because a friend of mine who lives in Mass, has been without power for almost a week now after that early snow storm ripped through there last weekend):  And what happens if the power goes out for a week and you have a full freezer - well, if you're lucky and your basement is cold enough ... nothing (or, as my friend Shelly pointed out, here in Alberta in mid-winter you can easy keep anything outside for months on end as it will stay frozen).  But if things do happen to thaw, there goes your entire winter's worth of stored food.

So, if I can some of the pumpkin (and apples and tomatoes) instead of freezing them, then at least we have a little food to eat if the power goes out and our freezer rots. 

It might be an apocalyptic way of thinking, but I see it as being prepared.

As for sad pumpkin ... well he won't end up in the compost and maybe we'll get some good nutrition from him.

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  1. Sad pumpkin makes me laugh, too. :)

    If power goes out, be sure to use nature's freezer outside. Hopefully the weather will stay below zero during that time.


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