Friday, December 30, 2011


The turning of the yearly calendar is always a good time to reflect on life, rebound from the excesses of the holiday season, and make some commitments.  And I like to use this cultural paradigm to slingshot me into my newest round of resolutions.

So this year I resolve to:

1.  Lose 10 pounds.  I have gained 8 pounds since February.  Not something that is easy for a girl to admit.  For whatever reason (baking is definitely one of them) I have packed on about 1/2 a pound a month.  I intend to reverse that trend and start taking off that same amount.  Wish me luck.  This is the one that may be the hardest.

2.  Continue with my other blog and declutter the house.  More for my mental health than anything else.  I can no longer stand the clutter and need to minimalize a lot.

3.  Reduce my time on the Internet.  I will continue to blog and be on Facebook, but I'm not going to check the computer ever 1/2 hour.  I'm going to commit a certain amount of time each morning to it and then shut them off until the next day.  I find that the negative input I get - negative or "off" Facebook comments from people I don't know well, too much news, stressful blog posts - just makes my energy drain.  And I'm working on my energy this year.

4.  The time I used to spend throughout the day on the Internet - well, I hope to do a daily yoga practice.  It might only be a few minutes a day, but I'm going to try for just a little every day.  I already spend at least a half hour each day on my excercise bike.  That will not change as it is really good for my physical and mental health and also gives me at least half an hour to read, which is very important to me.

5.  Finish the article about the 143rd battalion - hopefully in a month or two.  I've been saying this for 3 years now, but this year it WILL get done.  And let's hope I can publish it.  Then I indend to get busy writing my book.  I'll try to fill you in more on that later on.

There is a theme here - mental and physical health.  Very important to keep those up to snuff.  And to keep the house less cluttered.  I'll be working less, so I'm hoping that once things are in order and a schedule set, that I'll be able to keep up with it all.

I truly do intend to do all of these things.  I'll try to remember to keep you updated on the progress.  But, I'm only human, so if I don't do them all ... well, then I'll try not to be too hard on myself.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and have some resolutions that you keep and that make your life better.  That said ... I'm turning off the Internet until tomorrow.

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