Saturday, December 24, 2011

To Clarify

Yesterday I wrote a post about life, and our journeys through it. In that post I was talking about the paths we all take through life, and I mentioned that if something riles you up or it's probably not time for you to be facing it yet and you should move onto those things that attract you, not repel you.  I'd like to alter that statement.  You can also use anger or frustration as a sign that something needs to be faced.  For most people who just wander through their days not thinking deeply into things, this, of course, won't be the case.  But if you are becoming more open to your inner self, then frustration and anger can be a clue.  However, don't take the frustration and anger out on another person.  If you're mad about something, go inside and try and figure out why.  I'm fortunate.  I have a husband that won't let me get mad at him if it's not justified.  He stands up to me.  And then we talk it out and figure out what's going on inside - what REALLY made me upset.  Without him, I would not be this far along.  Thanks, Hon!

Now, let me clarify something else.  Each one of us (every one of the 7 billion people on this planet) has a different path to take.  Picture a conical volcano coming up out of the ocean and think of that as life.  One person's path might go from the beach, straight up the side of the volcano, through the crater and down to the opposite beach.  Another person's path might corkscrew up the mountain and end on the edge of the crater.  Yet another might zigzag along the crater's edge, just dipping into the hottest parts on a regular basis.  And yet another might be buried in lava on the active side!  All of these paths cross each other at different places and different times, each has it's own challenges - some harder than others.  One path isn't the right one for everyone, and an advanced place on one path might be an early place on another.  You can see that saying "you just aren't there yet" is not a comment on one person being more "enlightened" than another.  They are just not to that place on their path yet.

Life is more complicated than any of us can possibly imagine.  If you get to figure out even part of it, you are well on your way.

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