Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Children are funny

I work 3 hours per week at a local library.  It gets me out of the house and with other people.  More of a social thing, really.  But it also gives me a little extra spending money.

Today I came around a corner and three of the little pre-schoolers who come for reading were standing at a book shelf with grow-up books in hand.  First reaction:  don't pull the books off the shelves.  Lots of little kids love to do that, pull the books off the shelves and just throw them on the floor.  Not good for the books and then we have to re-shelve them.  So I told them to leave the books on the shelf and go Back to the craft area.

And then I thought about it.  Here are these three little boys (2-3 years old) - trying to be little grown ups.  Standing at the shelf leafing through grown-up books:  A French-English dictionary, a German-English dictionary, and a Harlequin Romance!  Hilarious when you consider it.  Wish I'd had the presence of mind to realize the humour in the moment and take a picture.

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