Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coffee Sack Bucket

At Christmas time, another blogger posted about the homemade gifts she was giving.  Included in her list were fabric "buckets" made from coffee sacks and pretty fabrics.  Well, I was enchanted and wanted to try it out.  So while in Cranbrook for Christmas, I went to the Kootenay Roasting Company and bought 4 coffee sacks for $20.  I also picked up some heavier fabric from (ick) Wal Mart (let me explain - appologize - I live in a community of 12,000 and have no other place in town to buy fabric - I'm sorry.  Please forgive me) for $12.  And today I took a couple of hours and put this together:

What I love aobut this coffee sack is that it is for organic coffee and came through "Bancouber, B.C."

And while watching a Harry Potter movie tonight, also made this:

I know, you guys have seen lots of these before, but usually they are made of silver and are pendants.  This is a special one for a special person.

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