Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to the New Year!

Well, there it is, the New Year.  The 44th time I've rung it in (in one way or another).   I hope there are at LEAST 44 more.

Last night was spent with our "other family" - the one I wasn't born into but which has formed over the past 5 years and is a treasured, safe group to be with.  We had a wonderful, very leisurely supper, opened our Christmas gifts to one another, I did jigsaw puzzles on a computer with my friend D, and we sang along with our favourite songs picked out one by one from various iPod inventories. 

I was very tired around 10, but by midnight was wide awake and finally got to sleep around 2:45.  (so why was I the first one up?).  I even drank a glass of wine - something I very rarely do.

2012 doesn't feel very different, but it is.  It will be.  I feel a very full and grand year is awaiting us.  And all I have to say is "Bring it On!"  2011 was good to us, and I expect more of the same for the next one. 

Your life is what you make of it.  I intend to keep creating mine in just the fashion I choose.  You can't always choose the situations that come into your life, but you ALWAYS choose how you deal with them.  And you do draw most of your life to you.

Two members of my "other family" are amazing young women.  They are very thoughtful and caring, and gave me a gift that touched me deeply... because they said this is how I lead my life: 

If you think that doesn't hit your heart pretty solidly, you haven't got one.  To be shown such love and respect from such creative, amazing people is a truly wonderful gift.

I am blessed.

So a toast!  To the New Year!:    "Here's to the New Year - may it be bigger, brighter and filled with more love than any before it! ... And may we all be true and brave!"

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  1. Oh, that gift was from our mom and dad too -we just happened to find it and knew it was perfect!

    And it's true, you know... You ARE brave and true. :)


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