Thursday, January 19, 2012

Idiot's Delight

Many years ago I made a sterling silver necklace for myself.  It's an old Byzantine design called "Idiot's Delight".  I never used to wear it much because I thought it was a little too fancy for regular wear - until someone told me that I might think that way, but nobody else did.  So I started wearing it more.

Then last fall, someone commented on it and I said something like:  "thanks, I made it."  And then she asked if I could make her one  Well, last fall was busy, but I told her I could handle it after Christmas and here we are.  I bought the silver on Saturday and started in on it day before yesterday.

It starts like this:

And then turns to this:

And then turns into this (magically):

It takes some time, but not as bad as I remember.  I've got about 6 inches done so far. 

I enjoy this chain-mail stuff.  It's fun!

I will take orders if anyone is interested.

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