Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A letter from Elizabeth May

Something I heard several times on the news yesterday really bothered me.  I kept heard the term "Radical Environmental Groups" in relation to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  Radical implies "dangerous".  I don't consider environmentalists to be dangerous.  Compared to other "radical" groups out there, environmentalists have harmed far fewer individuals (of course there are always dangerous people in every group, but come on, this term is being strategically used to scare those members of the right wing who believe everything they hear).  What is dangerous to me is the thought of piping unrefined bitumen to the west coast of British Columbia and shipping it overseas.  Not only for the damage the pipeline/potential spills will cause or the damage/potential spills/environmental stress that shipping will cause, but for the financial loss that will be incurred by again sending raw materials to China - as we do lumber and any number of other raw materials.  Why not keep it here?  The world is running out of oil.  Why aren't we keeping our oil here for use in the upcoming decades?  Why aren't we conserving it so we can use it for generations to come - and put a smaller amount of it into the atmosphere each year?  Why?  Because we think short-term and don't plan for the future.  Money now - our children and grandchildren and deal with the consequences later. 

Anyhow, the point of this blog is not to rant about it, but to share a letter from Elizabeth May - the leader of the Green Party in Canada.  She says it far better than I can:


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