Saturday, February 25, 2012

Posting about my child

My Aunt - a woman of few, but important words - today pointed out to me that it could be possible for Daniel or his friends to find and read my blog. 

She's right - he's not little anymore, and technology is not foreign to any of them.

I learned early on that blogging about one's family can cause problems.  But with the adults in my family, they can say something and tell me what is bothering them.  My son can't.

So for his sake, I'm going to make an effort to not blog about him anymore.  This is going to be difficult because he is a HUGE part of my life.  But it wouldn't be fair to him to have his friends reading things that are really none of their business.

This blog is about me.  It's not about my son, or my husband or my mother.  And although it might be difficult to get my point across without reference to the other people in my life, I will make an effort to do so. 

Any comments from out in the blogosphere?

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  1. I think there can be a balance. I don't think your boy needs to disappear completely, but I think moms do need to think about the fact that whatever is put out there on the internet never truly disappears.

    A couple of mom bloggers I know have spoken about the topic. I heard Swiss Miss interviewed on Spark on CBC a while ago, and it was really interesting. Though the article is mainly about how she asked her readers to name her baby, she also talks about her kids' privacy.

    Another blogger I read does a really cool thing and refers to her kids only by nicknames, EZ E and Kicky. She seems to have a good grasp on balancing privacy but not leaving her kids out completely.


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