Monday, February 13, 2012


I know that each and every one of you has felt this way ...

What happened to my priorities?  I was in a strange space today.  Trying to get some work finished.  Taking care of my boy.  Doing this, doing that.  Watching a documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge and suicide (I don't recommend it if you're not in a good space, but it was interesting):

My busy day had become very uncomplicated with my son having the stomach flu - there's nothing that can't be cancelled.  Instead of having three things I needed to do today, I suddenly had none.  I was at home with things that I could do ... and that I was doing, but nothing pressing.  I really did feel like I was just floating through the day.  Several interrupted nights of sleep having done something to my brain.  I felt totally disconnected. 

And then I realized that everything I had been concentrating on months before had, somewhere along the line, gotten moved lower and lower on my list.  My desire to keep up with laundry and hang it to dry, to keep the kitchen clean and to make healthy food for my family, to declutter the house and to simplify, to focus on the environment and reducing waste ... all of it had gone the wayside and instead I'm not exactly sure WHAT had taken their place.  Christmas, sick friends, sad friends, work, making money, striving for something ... but not knowing what.

This happens.  We lose our focus.  We forget our priorities.  And then, for sometimes unexplicable reasons, those priorities come flooding back.  Suddenly, in a moment of clarity I realized I had a lot of things I should do today.  Laundry.  Bake bread.  Play a game with my son (Disney Trivial Pursuit which he won, of course!).  Things that were so much more important than the things I was floating through the day doing. 

It happens to us all.  It takes concentration to remember what is important and what is not.  It's very easy to get lost in a fog of advertising, a fog of culture's pressures ... it's easy to forget.  So I'm seizing this moment of clarity and moving on with my day by doing laundry and baking bread.  Here's to remembering!

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