Friday, April 13, 2012

Ready, set .... SPRING!!

It never ceases to amaze me.  The weather and seasons here are nothing like where I grew up.  I grew up in a beautiful area with four fairly even seasons of 3 months each.  There was a gradual, constant change in the seasons, each one creeping in on the next and gently giving way to each other.  Winter gradually changed to Spring over several weeks.

But this place I live now is not like that.  We'll have a dump of snow one day, and the next it could be 10C, or it can be 16C on Wednesday and threat of snow on Friday (which is what happened this week).  So that shift into spring is chaotic and harsh.  It's like someone is standing at the start line with a pistol and just daring Spring to take off with the "Go".

The grass instantly starts to turn green here.  There no little bit for a week, little bit more for another.  The plants understand that the growing season is short - they all seem to blossom and bloom instantly and at the same time.  Within two weeks we can go from snow-covered ground to green lawns.  The snow isn't even all gone before the grass is turning green.  There is a sense of urgency around here.  In the humans, too.  Any day above 10C and not raining and the people are out doing what they can.  Too many months of the indoor and cold, and we're ready. Plus, we know the limited number of decent days we get, so we use them when we get them - be it mid-March or July.  

Last night, the very first real Spring rain started.  This morning it is grey and drizzly - bringing to mind the years I  spent on the Pacific Coast.  It's cool, but not freezing.  It is moisture that the plants and the ground need.  Might be a good day for a burst of Spring cleaning.  Or perhaps even better to lie under a blanket and read.  Haven't decided which one I'm going to do today.  Might be a combination of both.

No matter where you are in the world, I hope you have a chance to appreciate the changing of the seasons.  It truly is a magical time.  Let it rain!!

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