Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little rainbow perspective

We had a lovely spring shower here this evening.  It lasted about 15 minutes - just long enough to put a glow on the sidewalks and make everything smell amazing. 

I sat out on our back "deck"/concrete patio and just breathed in the cooling air and listened.  I heard the water flowing from the roof, the breeze in the trees, the caw of the crows.  And then I heard the traffic from Main Street and people talking and I thought to myself: "wouldn't it be wonderful to live out in the country and not be able to hear all the cars and people noises?"

And then I turned it around and became incredibly grateful to not be living in an apartment in a big city - to have lilac trees blooming next door, to have plants growing in my garden - that a couple of weeks ago were only twigs.  To HAVE a garden.  We have a little piece of heaven in our backyard.  We get to tend a little patch of nature.  And it might not be huge, but it is ours to care for.  And it give back more than we put into it.  How could I wish to be somewhere else?

Rainbow - reminding me of the magic in the world



Oregano - a hold-over from last summer

Violas, peas and shovels

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