Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waste of Time ... and Ghosts

A few weeks ago, my Mother-In-Law, when asked if she blogged or did Facebook, basically said that blogging and Facebook were a waste of time, with a turn to me and a "sorry, dear".

Maybe I've been carrying that around with me lately.  Maybe that's why I haven't been blogging very much this month.  Or maybe I've been busy with garden or choir concert (which was a BLAST - and critics were kind!) or teaching a jewellery course (where I embarrassed myself and one of the students beyond belief - and not in a good way).  Or maybe I've just been exhausted (which I HAVE been the past few days and it worries me).  How DO women drag themselves to work every day when they are as tired as I have been.  We live a crazy lifestyle - well, our culture does, anyhow.  Not so much me.  And then last time I blogged, I had two Facebook friends tell me that I had spelling errors (even my English-teaching sister didn't comment on my mistakes (thanks, Sis), and she's the one who should!).  Nothing like even mild criticism to make me hesitant - consciously or not.  (Can't wait to get comments back on that article I submitted - it may just make me catatonic).

Whatever the reason, I haven't been blogging.  Sorry about that if you've missed it (which just sounds conceited, doesn't it - I'm assuming someone out there is missing my words of "wisdom").  I just haven't had the urge to say much.  Blogging tends to be a form of therapy for me.  I get to voice things, sort it out on "paper" (or should I say "in writing").  I just haven't needed or wanted to lately.

So what can I write about here, today, that might be interesting?  Well, I haven't written much about ghosts in this blog, have I?  I recently got a couple of DVDs out of the library.  National Geographic did at least 4 episodes of something called "Is It Real? Supernatural".  One episode each on Crop Circles, Ghosts, Stigmata and UFOs.  They are not what I would consider unbiased.  They definitely lean in the skeptical direction.  Which, in our science-oriented society, I would sort-of expect.  And I'm fine with the skeptical bent on the subjects of Stigmata (I am not Christian, and certainly not Catholic, and am extremely skeptical of the Stigmata phenomenon) and Alien Abduction.  But when it comes to ghosts, I get a little defensive. 

I do believe in ghosts.  I've had unexplainable experiences that lead me to believe that ghosts exist.  And I know people who can see them.  And I believe they are not crazy or strange.  I believe that there are some people with better senses of smell, some who can taste better than others, some who can see better, and some who are sensitive to energetic vibrations that most of us are numb to.  So why wouldn't there be ghosts? 

But this series took some 30-year-old guy who said he was a sensitive and put him in a house for a night to see what he could "sense", and although he got one fact right about the history of the house, he was way off about everything else and didn't record anything that they considered physical proof of a ghost.  Okay - to skeptics, this is "proof" that there aren't ghosts??   I could go into a lot more, but how about get a reputable sensitive in there who has more experience and credibility.  And sending people into any building for one night will most times not provide any evidence for any activity.  Do a proper investigation and send people to more than one place for multiple nights. 

Anyhow ... not to go into all the details, but what I found funny was my ease at being so skeptical about those things I was already skeptical about, and my defensiveness about those phenomena I believe could be true.  I can't really discount the experience of someone who thinks they have been abducted by an alien ... because I haven't experienced it.  And someone else who has never had a strange ghostly experience may well have the right to be skeptical about my experiences. 

So the lesson here - well, maybe there isn't one.  Or maybe it's just to be a little more open to those things I'm skeptical about.  Or simply to understand that we all perceive this world differently, and we all need to have understanding and empathy for those who have different experiences from us.

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  1. How serendipitous. I have suspected a mischievous ghost in our house the past month or so. These glass balls in our dining room seem to be moved around on a regular basis. So I arranged them before we left for vacation and they had moved when we arrived home tonight. Spoooky!


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