Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30 garden

A lot you you follow along with the progress of my garden each year (or I want to THINK you do, so just let me have that delusion).  Normally at this time, I'd have something to say about some plague or pest that had arisen.  Knock on wood, I've found nothing yet this year.  I mean I have the regular leaf miners, a few cut worms and some flea beetles, but nothing epidemic and nothing particularly damaging.  I have a full garden, though, and it is growing well. 

This year we added our own compost and a pickup truck full of manure - so the weeds are something else as apparently lots of viable seeds live in cow manure for many years.  They will be constant work this summer which is great because it gets me out in the garden and monitoring other things like the tomatoes that need trimming/staking or the peas that are stretching out on the ground and not climbing.  So this year things are going great.

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