Thursday, June 21, 2012

To Write ... or Not to Write

I submitted an article to a peer-reviewed journal a couple of months ago.  The due date for reviewers to be done was a month ago.  And I've heard not a peep.  I haven't been writing since I sent it in.  Not much on the blog, not anything else.  There's been lots going on here, but that's not why I haven't been writing.  If you want to write, you can find the time.  I think I have a psychological block.  I think I told myself somewhere deep inside that if these reviewers didn't like my writing, then I wasn't good enough.

But here's the thing:  A lot of you have commented to me in person or in response to my posts.  A lot of those comments are praise for my work - not even praise ... appreciation.  You guys like my writing.  You like what I write about - at least some of the time.  And I like writing.  I like thinking deeply about life and being creative, and I like communicating those things in words on "paper".  It's therapy for me.  Realizing (remembering?) the deeper things about life, my soul, the world - that's what matters.  And if I can share it with even a few people to help you realize (remember?) things, then I will. 

So that's all that really matters.  If these reviewers don't like my writing and I'm not going to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, that's okay.  I'll just post it here.  Or maybe somewhere else.  But my identity, my passion, my sense of self ... they need not be affected by the opinions of two reviewers and an editor.  If they want to publish it, well, I'll be thrilled.  If they don't, I'll move on.

But I think I need to keep writing.  Even if it's only for a few people on a little blog.

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  1. Please keep writing! It's about what's important to you to say and write, not whether someone else likes/dislikes it. Which I recognize falls into the "easier to say than do" camp, but have something to share and it sounds like a need to share it. So please...share! (and thus ends my overuse of the exclamation point)


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