Friday, June 29, 2012

Unacknowledged Hypocricy

I had an interesting conversation this morning.  It was over 2 hours long and covered a lot.  But one thing stuck out for me and I thought I'd bring it here.

The person I was conversing with is Catholic and an older man.  Sometimes we talk about religion - and it always sounds as if this person thinks I am against religion.  But I am not.  Maybe that's just my own assumption.  Maybe he doesn't feel that way.  Truth is, though, that I just haven't found a religion that I believe in.  If someone else believes in a religion, I'm happy for them.  Period. ... Just don't try to convert me.  I'll find my own way, thanks.

The discussion went to how much the church does for youngesters who don't have the guidance they need anywhere else.  Which is very true.  It is great if the church can help marginal youth with either no guidance or the wrong kind,  can support them and help guide them in their lives.  Huzzah!  Who could disagree with that?

However, there are still a lot of really forgotten children out there who will never set foot in a church because there is no guidance at all to even help them know they could go to a church.  There are lost souls everywhere, and what can we do for them to help them out?  Church is only one option.  Simply being there to say "hi" at school, or giving at talk to a class about anything - the environment, careers, first aid, dental care - any of those things can help some of these children more than you can imagine.  What people need (especially children) is to be heard, to be noticed.

But here's the kicker - in the very same conversation, the Catholic said he believed that abortion was wrong.  I see this as hypocritical - although I'm sure that this person and the Catholic Church certainly do not share my opinion.  If there are so many lost children who are obviously not supported by their parents, why would we force women to have unwanted babies?  Maybe there are fewer lost children because abortion is a legal, free service here in Canada, offered to women who have been abused or made a bad mistake.  Maybe there'd be fewer still if people (the church) didn't shame women into not having aboritions, but supported them in their decisions instead.  If having children without proper guidance at home is such an issue, then maybe some of those unwanted children should not have existed in the first place.  And do I dare mention that contraception might be an even better step ... an ounce of prevention, after all.

No matter your opinion, the truth is that children are far better off having parents that WANT them (Straigh Man, Straight Woman, LGBT - doesn't matter - LOVING parents who want their children).  We should not force a woman (by law or guilt) to bear a child that she does not want.  Nor should we force a woman to give up a child she does want. 

As the saying goes, if you don't believe in abortion, don't have one.  And if you're a lost soul, maybe a church might help you out.  Just try not to judge people who have opinions that differ from yours.

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