Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Abusive Comments

Hello to anyone out there who reads this blog.  And if you read the blog ... a hearty Thank You!

If you've been following the past couple of days, you'll note that I got a couple of comments from someone who's been reading - one of which I took exception to here - and then got a couple of abusive comments back - not horribly abusive, but enough to upset me.  Don't get me wrong.  I like people reading my blog.  I like to share information and help people get educated about the environment, about gardening and about whatever else is happening around me.  I also like positive, constructive, accurate feedback.

You also will know, if you know me or have been reading for any length of time, that I have a mood disorder.  I have anxiety and depression issues.  I also tend to be overly empathic and take on other people's energies far too easily. 

Many would say that it is silly or weak or over reacting, but the reality of it is that when I get mad comments, it gets me far more upset than I want to be.  It can literally throw me for a couple of days.

I understand that being a high level blogger brings on commentary and disagreements.  But I'm NOT a high level blogger.  I have a relatively small readership of mostly Facebook friends and the occasional person who stumbles upon the blog.  I like putting information out there for people to mull over or to use in their daily lives.  I like to share.  And because of that I have had a lot of friends ask me for advice on gardening or recycling or whatever.

Unfortunately, comments like the ones posted this afternoon leave me feeling too vulnerable and beat up to continue to allow them.  My moods are just too unpredictable - I get set off by enough things I can't control, so I need to control the things I can.  So I'm afraid that I'm going to limit comments to members of the blog and my Facebook page (or over coffee) - I'd love to hear comments from you guys, just leave them there instead of here.  Otherwise I'm going to turn comments off - at least for a little while.

For those of you who are not my Facebook friends, I'm sorry to cut you off because of one person, but my moods are far too important to me.  I need to protect myself and my family from the emotional roller coaster that can be my life.

Apologies to anyone who gets upset by this.

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