Thursday, July 26, 2012

With all bad ... comes good

So yesterday was interesting.  The post I wrote yesterday about abusive comments was the description of a step on a good path, I think. 

The positive comments I received (via Facebook and e-mail) after writing that post were extremely supportive and made me realize that I wasn't in the wrong.  Without exception everyone noted that the person making those abusive comments was "a jerk", "an asshole", writing "passive aggressive bullshit commentary", and that it was "not worth letting them under your skin". 

Yesterday, I got confirmation that I have good, supportive friends out there who do enjoy the blog and who are willing to tell me so.  Thank you all!!

I realized yesterday that I don't want a big blog with a huge readership.  For a while I did.  I figured success was measured by how many people read my blog.  It's not.  It's measured by the quality of the people who read my blog.  I want to write for like-minded people.  I want to write for positive people who want to make a change.  I want to write for people who are looking for inspiration or advice on those topics I have knowledge of and interest in.  I'm not interested in having the whole world read and critique my blog.  I'm not interested in having a mindless debate with people who don't know their subject matter.  I'm not interested in having someone's anger pointed toward me.  And I'm not interested in being angry at someone else.  Those emotions are harmful.  I don't want them.  If you want to be mad, go somewhere else.  It's not welcome here.

The more important good thing that the challenges of yesterday did for me was to make me realize that I am not living up to the standards that I want with respect to environmental living.  Sure ... I still do a lot of the things that I've always done (make my own laundry detergent, take bags to the grocery store, do my own baking, grow the garden, etc, etc, ad nauseum), but I haven't been taking my own containers to the bulk food store.  I haven't been so very careful about buying food not wrapped in plastic.  I've been driving the car as much as I always do.  It's HARD.  Our society is not set up to make it easy to avoid plastic or to act in favour of the environment.  We have not set it up that way.

So it's a good reminder.  If I'm going to talk the talk I have to continue to strive to walk the walk.  Again ... I will always state ... I am NOT perfect.  I will not be perfect.  I will falter.  But I will try.

The comment was made that I'm on a "high horse".  I really try not to be.  Most of the posts I write here are based on me being hard on myself.  If I write about the garden, it's because I've had struggles that I want to share.  If I write about the environment it's because I've noticed where I fall down and I want to share how I can fix that (and in turn how other people can, too).  I write about the things that strike chords with me.  And I hope they strike chords with someone else.

Okay ... I write about things I've done that I'm proud of, too.  But it's MY blog, so I can do that.

My wish for you all (and for me, too) is to find peace, love and happiness in all that you do today.  Don't put anger out there (or inside, either).  It is damaging and not useful.  Love is all you need (as a wise man once sang).

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