Monday, August 6, 2012


I wrote a post earlier today on age-appropriateness and what we allow our children to do (here) - and it brought me to another topic.

I don't want anyone I know to think that I'm judging them ... but in a way, and within a certain definition ... I am.

Let me explain.

I read another blogger's post a couple of months ago.  I wish I could find it to share it, but the gist of it was that we all judge - in that we look at what other parents are doing and decide if what they do will work for our family, within our context.  If we think it will and it seems like a good idea, we give it a try.  If not, we move on.  We judge whether a strategy will work for us.

The main point of that other person's blog, however, was to distinguish between "judging" and "being judgmental".  I certainly have my judgmental moments - we all do - but, like most people, I will try to hide them and not admit to them.  Because I'd rather not be like that.  And I strive to understand that not everyone's experience is the same as mine, so before being judgmental I really do try to "walk a mile..."

So I try hard only to observe what others are doing and decide if that will work for me.  The more I practice doing this, the easier it gets.

We all judge - we are all judgmental at times - about whatever is most passionate to us.  But I'll forgive your judgmental moments if you forgive mine.

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  1. I like this one too! One of my favorite ironic statements is when someone says "I'm NOT judging you!!" By saying that, the person already has.

    And you're right. No one is above judging. We just have to accept it. I like the distinction btwn judging and being judgemental. Taking it further, lets give it a euphamism: evaluating. I'm EVALUATING the strategy. I am not being judgemental :)


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