Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breakfast - weight issues continued

A good friend of mine (check out this link and see this great project she is working on for her Master's) posted a comment on my blog yesterday about my weight issues.  Thank you for reading, E!  She shared this link with me:

Like I said yesterday, I know that almost all the the experts argue that breakfast is incredibly important.  And I would never suggest that anyone else skip breakfast.  But here's the problem: once I start eating, I'm hungry.  I must have something different about me than most people.  If I have breakfast I want a mid-morning snack.  If I put off eating until lunch, then at the very least I have missed the calories from breakfast and a snack.  Trick definitely is to not overeat for the rest of the day. 

Now I do have one question about the link E referred to (and this is in NO WAY a comment for or against my friend - I love that she shared and is concerned - and I'm guessing that, like I would, she did a search to find an article about the benefits of breakfast and found this one - but read the comments below the article and you'll see some other criticism of it).  The study is based on information gathered from an iPhone app - which is probably a pretty good cross-section of the population that can afford an iPhone and who are concerned about their weight and/or health - and it is probably a good enough basis to make a claim such as this.  But here's my question:  most people drink coffee (I do not) - were these people having coffee in the morning without their breakfast?  If someone ONLY has a cup of coffee in the morning, the simple fact of having the coffee will screw with blood sugar and make you much more hungry a couple hours after than without.  So I'd like to see the numbers for how many of those people still drank coffee first thing (I'd have liked a link to the actual study, but I don't see one on this web page).  I'd also like to see a comparison with a study where they eliminated coffee first thing in the morning and only allowed people to drink coffee with a meal (or not at all).  However, there are LOTS of studies out there suggesting that people do better with breakfast, and I concede to that.  Eat your breakfast, people.  Unless you're like me.

I don't think we can have one rule for everyone - our bodies are so different.  For me, when I was younger, I couldn't actually eat first thing in the morning.  I felt very sick if I ate first thing (perhaps it was what we ate for breakfast in the '70s - sugar-cinnamon toast or non-sugary cereal [good] with a teaspoon of sugar poured on top! [bad]).  I've outgrown that, and today I DID eat breakfast.  Because I was hungry.  I'm wishing now that I hadn't, because now I want something sweet, but let's just say that breakfast isn't completely off the table (pun not really intended).  But most days I can still make it to 11 or 12 without being hungry and I'm going to try sticking to that at least during the week when I'm at home by myself.

Now, I'll post a link to one Dr. who actually says that breakfast ISN'T for everyone (yes, I saw him on Dr. Oz - which I watch VERY occasionally):

Just something to consider.

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  1. I actually read that magazine regularly - they're really smart. I read the article the other day and it was just serendipitous that you brought it up.


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