Friday, September 14, 2012


My sister found this flying dragon kit and sent it to my mother.  She and my son like to do crafts together.  My sister said she wanted to do one, but her place is very small and she had no room for it when it's done.  So it was extremely kind of her to think of our Mom and her nephew. 

Thank you, H, so much!

Dragon, however, is hard!  And the instructions should have said that it would take 10 days and a professional engineer to built it (or at least an archaeologist, a grandma and an 8-year-old). 

I'm posting it here because all involved wanted to see it fly, but it wasn't flying while they were here, and sister is far away.  And video clip is too big to e-mail.

I'll check and see where my sister found it if anyone is interested in such things.

 Let's see if this works I haven't uploaded one of my own videos before.

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