Thursday, September 6, 2012

Garden in brief

The garden was great this summer. I haven't written much about it.  No excuse.  I just haven't.  After the no-show for readers on my last post, I think I should write more often to keep people interested.  But, I digress:  here's a brief garden summary.

I have 8 rather large pumpkins. Ironically, we aren't going to be here for Halloween.  This one is about 14" in diameter.

The carrot flower that I talked about earlier in the summer?  Well this was it blooming:

And this was it when the seeds were almost ready to harvest:

Turns out that in their natural state, carrot seeds actually look like little burrs with barbs on them.  The seeds you buy have had them removed.  I learned this from the Carrot Museum.  Yes ... there is a carrot museum.
My round zucchinis (above) were really cool.  But they get big really fast, like any zucchini.

This one I'm saving for seeds.

And the regular zucchinis got big, too:

We had several this size.  I'm saving the last one for seed as well.

It's the first year I've had a significant number of tomatoes ripen on the vine - enough to can 20 jars so far and more will come before the frost.  This was a great year for everything.  I have three large freezer bags full of peas and will have at least that of carrots.  Lots of jam to last us through the winter.  And potatoes will be great, too.

The purple-podded peas were for show.  They are not as tasty as the green ones, but they are pretty and produced very colourful flowers:

I had a friend show up for about the past month.  She recently left - meaning she laid her eggs and probably died (if Charlotte's Web is right):

And my herbs have done swimmingly. 

This is the first year that strawberries have produced like they are supposed to as well.  But they were so tasty I didn't take any pictures.

All in all, hot days and wet nights with our long daylight hours combined for a bumper crop.  We'd be incredibly blessed if every year was like this one, but they aren't.  And I appreciate the fact that this year way - thank you, Nature.

I hope you are all moving into the fall with the steady turning of the seasons.  Fall brings routine and security in knowing what comes next.  For me it brings a little sadness and anxiousness for no particular reason.  But that, too, will flow through it's cycle.  It is all good here where we work with the seasons in a way I never used to do.  It's grounding.

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  1. I Totally feel the same way about fall - major anxiety for no reason. Though, I blamed it on my school days and just getting anxious about going back to school. Also, I generally panic a bit when the days get shorter like "how am I going to SEE everything in the winter????" I think I have a slight fear of the dark...
    But then we move along, I talk myself down, and before I know it it's November, and we're looking forward to Christmas... So, as we go... ;)


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