Friday, September 7, 2012

My weight issues!

Confession:  I weigh 147 pounds - as of this morning.  After morning "activities" and before consuming ANYTHING!!

This is as much as I have weighed in 5 years.  And I am not happy about it. 

It's actually not significantly different from what I weighed at New Year's, but the thing is I thought I was trying to lose weight.  I haven't been, really.  I get on the scales and they tell me I weigh 2 pounds less than last week, and so my brain gives me permission to eat. 

And then there's the chocolate when I stress.

So here it is:  I want to lose at least 7 pounds before the end of October (I'm hoping for 10, but if I do 7, I'll be okay with it).  We are going to Disneyland and I HATE it when I think I look fat in vacation photos.  So I refuse to do another Disney trip feeling fat. 

I really don't think I can do it without other people knowing, so I'm going to blog about it.

I have weighed more.  6 years ago, when we moved to Wetaskiwin, I weighed 156 pounds.  I managed to lose 28 of those.  I kept about 18 of them off until last year when I started to think that my blood sugar was screwed up.  So I gave myself permission to eat every couple of hours.  The weight didn't pile on quickly, but about a pound a month.  And then I put a stop to it when I hit 147.  That seems to be my threshold.  I DO NOT want to weigh more than that because I know that I will just keep going up and up.  Since New Year's, the lowest I've been is 143.8 pounds (digital scale).

So since last fall, I've managed to stay between 144 and 147.  But at New Year's I thought I could concentrate and take those 8 pounds back off.  And I haven't.  Oh, I've lost lots of pounds - here and there, but as soon as I see the scale down a pound, I eat more.

One of my strategies is to not eat breakfast.  Now, I understand that most experts tell you that is the worst idea, but I've always done okay without breakfast.  I don't recommend it for anyone else, but for me, it works.  The trick is to not give myself permission to eat twice as much for lunch and supper just because I skipped brecky.  The math just doesn't work out.  So soup for lunch today, and maybe popcorn for a snack - if I need one.

I'm also going to walk more when I can.  For instance, today I'm going to walk over to my son's school to pick him up.  Seems like a no-brainer, but I haven't been walking much lately and I think I  need to.

By putting it on my blog, I hope to convince my brain that I really need to do this.  It is now a public challenge that I don't want to embarass myself with.  It really has nothing to do with you guys.  I'm just playing mind games with myself.  And it might be entertaining or self-affirming to see someone go through the process.

Wish me luck!!

7 (10??) pounds before October 25!

Join me if you are so inspired.

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