Friday, September 21, 2012

Ride Don't Hide - One Year Later

As I wrote about (oddly, exactly one year ago today), Michael Schratter, an old school-mate of mine from BC, did a tour around the globe to raise awareness for mental illness - a pet interest/infliction of mine.

This week he was on Breakfast Television, Vancouver, talking about mental illness and kids.  It's worth a watch.

It's important to keep the dialogue going - it makes people aware that they are not alone in their struggles, and encourages people to get the help they need to make their life more live-able. 

I talk about it openly, and because of that, people talk to me about it.  I am their safe place to express their concerns, to share if they are having troubles or have started medication.  I'm also the place a few people have come to just to hear that they need help.  I am happy to be that person/place.  If I can help someone make a change for the better in their life, I'm glad to do it.

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