Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Thing in the Compost

As anyone who lives around here can contest to, we had an amazing growing season here in central Alberta.  Everything was big, bountiful and ripened a little bit early.  It was incredible.

I've shown some pictures of my big pumpkins:

And Zucchini (which I grew so I could save seeds):

It's been a good year for squash here. 

So this squash volunteered to grow in the composter this year.  Squash love compost.  It seems to be their favourite place to grow.   I didn't plant seeds, but seeds from last year ended up in the compost and they grew themselves.  From one plant I got a pumpkin (I believe I pollinated it myself), from another plant I got this:

It doesn't seem so impressive until you compare it with that large zucchini pictured above: 
It's huge!  15 inches from tip to tail, and 9 inches across.  It weighs nearly 17 pounds!
I took a picture of the plants in July (they are much bigger now): 
Initially, I was quite certain I was going to get spaghetti squash from that particular plant - you can tell by the shape of the plant beneath the female flowers.  So I do believe this monstrous creature was created by a clever bee that combined pollen from that big zucchini plant with the spaghetti squash.  You can tell from the ridges at the top and bottom of each plant: 

I will cut it open in a few days and see if I can get seeds out of it.  Odds are they won't germinate, but might as well try, eh?

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