Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wait! Weight!

Hey - sorry for the week of no blogs.  I've been away.  Three days out of town for work and then 4 days away for Thanksgiving.  Away for a whole week.  With no me-made food. 

I was worried.  I knew that I'd been eating at restaurants for 3 days and then with family doing the Thanksgiving binge.  And I was afraid I'd come home after all of that and be back up over 145.  It seemed a reasonable worry.

I did eat some large meals - especially while out of town for work.  The first night I ordered a Chinese combination plate.  When it came out, I had a plate full of brown food.  deep fried spring roll, battered deep fried prawsn, deep fried sweet and sour pork, and fried rice.  On the entire plate, there was exactly 1/2 a pea in the fried rice.  That was it for vetetables (if you don't count the bean sprouts in the spring roll, which I don't).  It was depressing.  I ate probably over half of it, and felt ill that night.  But I was also moving a lot in those couple of days.  Getting in and out of vehicles, hiking in to different sites and walking around properties (including through some very thick bush - who knew so much bush could grow up around an old house?).   Saw some cool old buildings including one skookum barn, and met some really sweet animals.  Also got to know a couple of co-workers better, and saw lots of wildlife - migratory birds, coyotes, deer - some of the birds were actually swans, which is something you see in northern BC and Alberta at this time of the year.  They are huge!  And so beautiful.  So all in all it was a fun 2 1/2 days (if it wasn't for this God-damned pink eye that just won't go away!!).

Anyhow, then off on a 7-hour drive to visit family.  Normally when visiting this part of the family, they are very generous with very rich, tasty food and I end up coming home feeling, well, bloated.  But a few things have changed for them this year.  One member had a stroke almost exacty one year ago and really needed to change the way they ate.  And then more recently another member of this family was diagnosed as being borderline diabetic.  Well, the food was very different this time.  Equally tasty, but far less of the fatty, heavy foods.  I came away feeling lighter. 

And when I stepped on the scale on Sunday morning, I was 142.4!!  My fear was unfounded.  Movement, weightloss momentum and a shift in thinking helped me not to slip entirely back into old habits. 

Don't get me wrong, I'll still need to control myself sitting here, sedentary, at my desk all day.  I'll have to remember that I can't eat like I did last week if I want to be under 140 before going to California in 15 days (don't know if I'll actually hit that goal, but I'll be closer), but it wasn't a huge setback like it could have been.

So ... downwards!

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