Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday's weight update

Okay - so it's been a depressing couple of weeks since coming back from California.  As I've mentioned a couple of times, I really got back into eating larger quantities more frequently.  I decided to continue the blogging, as I noted the other day.  That continuation of pubic accountability tied with getting on the scale the other morning and being over 143 (!), shocked me into getting back on the wagon.  So no breakfasts and smaller meals along with no snacking. 

And this morning (Ta Ta Da Da!!)  140.8.  Tied with the lowest I've weighed so far. 

Christmas with all it's sweets and trials is coming.  And I'm not going to completely deprive myself, but I have to be careful because I now know how very easy it is to slip.

Now, don't get me wrong, people.  I don't think that 140.8 lbs on a woman nearly 5'6" tall is overweight.  Not at all.  I'm comfortable being at this weight.  I'd like to get under 140 just for the mental achievement of breaking that number, but I'm happy with where I am.  The thing is to keep myself here and not allow myself to creep up.  I want to make my danger weight 143 instead of 147 so that I don't start to feel flabby again. 

It's easy once you get in the swing - and if there isn't any added stress - and if everyone in the house is healthy and happy.  It's not easy when things go out of balance.  It's all part of the dance of life.  Ain't it grand???  And I'm not being sarcastic there.  Life IS grand I've had an inherent love of life all my life.

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