Monday, November 5, 2012

Mojave Desert Moon

As you may or may not know, the family recently took a 10 - day vacation to southern California.  We spent 6 days at Disneyland which included one Halloween evening and 6.6 POUNDS of candy.  And that was fun and all, but even better was 3 days spent in the Mojave Desert north of Palm Springs with Friends at their wonderful property.

I'm liable to post quite a bit about this place, because there was just so much going on, but to start off I'm going to say that it is true, the sky in the desert is special.  While we were there, the moon was a regular companion and just demanded to be photographed.

Moon framed by Joshua Tree

Moon and Joshua Tree between pillars

Moonrise over the Mesa
The moon is traditionally known as the female counterpart to the Sun.  It is symbolic of receptivity, intuition, illumination and a lot of other qualities as found here.  I was so drawn to the moon the whole time I was there, I think I need to investigate that a little further within myself.  But that's personal work - not bloggable.

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