Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They Mystery of the Cat

I've mentioned the cat a lot on Facebook - she is the most successful hunter we've ever had.  She was collected from a barn as a kitten and definitely is not a prissy house cat like my last one.

Anyhow, while we were away, our friend who was taking care of her came over one morning and simply couldn't find her.  It had been cold, so the cat hadn't been let out.  Our friend looked everywhere for her and just figured she had found a hiding place that was REALLY, REALLY good.

Well, yesterday morning I called all over the house.  None of us remembered letting her out.  I couldn't find her anywhere.  I was thinking that maybe she had gone into the heating ducts somehow. 

Last night, she was outside again when we hadn't let her out.

Strange things start crossing your mind.  Is someone messing with us?  Is there are poltergeist taking pity on the cat?  But at the back of my head was an inkling that maybe she had found a way out of the house. 

I came home after being away for five hours (having let the cat out before 8am and it was now 2:30) and no sign of the cat.  I called, I worried (it's snowing like a son of a bitch outside and going to be a high of -13C tomorrow, so I kinda wanted her in) and I left the house 30 minutes later to pick up my son from school. 

Well, when we got home there was no cat on the front porch, no cat on the back porch, still no sign of her having come home (ie: footy-prints in the snow).  Then I walk into the living room and she's on her chair!  Damned cat. 

So that's it.  There's one place I can imagine her getting in and out - an old dryer vent hole that's never been covered up properly and exits under our deck.   As a matter of fact, I had thought of opening it up for her to come in and out during the summer.  I had smelled fresh, cold air in the basement when we first came home from vacation - as if the dryer door had been open, but it wasn't ... one of the pieces of the puzzle that came together.  Sure enough, she'd gone behind boxes and crap, up on the highest shelf in the basement and dug through the fibreglass insulation to find her way out of the house - a clever act born out of the desperation of being trapped in the house for 2 weeks while we were away.

Just imagine this up on a high shelf with boxes in front. 
The hole in the middle goes to an old window well under our deck.

The damned cat is too smart for me.  It seems to be a battle of wills.  If it wasn't for all the cold air coming in, I'd probably leave it open for her. 

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